Agreeta Empowers Every Agro-Stakeholder

Empowering every stakeholder with information available at their fingertips and backed by Analytics based Technology Solutions, Agreeta provides a 360 degrees view of the lifecycle of activities involved in the Value Chain.


Get closer to Precision Farming using agFARM!

Track and monitor your farm with our Satellite Imagery and IoT based Remote Sensing. See Water Shortages, Environmental Impacts, and Growth Progress of your fields to deploy resources just in the right areas needing attention. agFARM integrates seamlessly with the Traceability features in the platform.

Retail Stores & Brands

B2B/B2B2C Marketplace

Agreeta’s agCOM Marketplace connects Retailers to Food Processors and Farmers via AFN’s efficient Supply Chain Management leading to Last Mile Delivery. Agreeta’s field sales teams ensure constant
customer support needed.

Food Processors

Our unique Buhler + Agreeta processing program

Join our unique Buhler + Agreeta processing program agPROC that provides high tech equipment, the traceability technology and guaranteed high-quality outputs. We eliminate the barriers to entry enabling you to make more margin, control more of the supply chain and market direct to the consumer under one room


Connecting Consumers with Farmers & Food Processors

AFN’s Traceability throughout the entire value chain is a great tool to help achieve the goals of assuring the consumers of Food Safety, Security,
Transparency, and Quality

Why afn is the future