Who We Are

We aim to be the disruptor in breaking the barriers in connecting farmers to consumers by enabling technology as a medium across the entire
Agriculture Value Chain.

We Are

A passionate team wanting to make a positive change in Agri Value Chain

Agreeta Farmer Network(AFN) is a first of its kind ubiquitous digital platform for the entire Agriculture Value Chain. This Farm to Fork Traceability platform encompasses key processes from Land Preparation and Sowing to Supply Chain and Selling, benefitting all the stakeholders right from the Farmer to the Consumer.

We have a fantastic team adding up to 150+ person years of experience across different varying roles in this endeavor.

Company Timeline

An integrated technology platform for Agriculture


<h2>Company Incorporated</h2>

Company Incorporated

Agreeta was incorporated this year with a group of passionate individuals to revolutionalize the agriculture industry


<h2>agFARM 1st Release</h2>

agFARM 1st Release

agFARM's first web version was released and deployed for Swani Spice


<h2>1st Mobile App Release</h2>

1st Mobile App Release

First mobile app was deployed for agFARM - Swani Spice, LT Foods


<h2>Growth & agTRACE Release</h2>

Growth & agTRACE Release

agFARM continues with additional deployments. agCOM released and grew to 160+ retailers. 1st pilot of agTRACE deployed for Swani Spice


<h2>US Office & New Solutions</h2>

US Office & New Solutions

Our first U.S. office established. Agreeta’s KANISHK brand launched along with agCOM growth. Blockchain and AI launched

What we stand for


Optimize food security and consumer confidence, and farmer opportunities by creating a digital platform for the entire Agriculture Value Chain


Improve and validate Farm to Fork Traceability and Sustainability. Develop technology to engage and educate consumers. Provide a one-stop integrated platform for all stakeholders in the Agriculture Value Chain. Vertically integrate Grower and Processor products into the Global Supply Chain.


Collaboration, adoption and implementation of smart solutions for all Agriculture Value Chain stakeholders.

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